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At What Times Do Opportunities for Arbitrage Occur?

Opportunities for arbitrage trading can be found almost at any time. However, peak times for sports arbitrage betting are couple hours before the sporting events start. So, the general rule is: the closer the sports event is, the more arbitrage situations will appear. This happens because bookmakers adjust their odds frequently closer to start of a match. Most bookmakers change odds to protect themselves against a potential loss and to attract customers to bet more on one outcome of the sports match, thus creating an arbitrage. Read how arbitrage opportunities develop and why bookmakers adjust their odds.

Overall number of available arbitrage bets also depends on time of the year, day of the week and even time of the day. For example, during summer months number of arb situations will be lower since most sports leagues have break between seasons. In addition, lots of matches are played during weekend which means Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be overflown with opportunities for arbitrage trading. If you will pay attention while trading, you will begin to see patterns which will allow you to better organize your trading sessions. The amount of time you need to invest for trading depends on arbitrage strategy you decide to apply.

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