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RebelBetting Review

Swedish company ClaroBet AB was the developer of RebelBetting arbitrage betting software. Rebel Betting sports arbitrage program has the same basic principles of work as other surebet software. First, RebelBetting servers collect online bookmaker odds and data. The servers then make the basic arbitrage calculations to detect arbitrage situations. Next, the detected arbitrage opportunities are sent to the installed software on your computer. Finally, the software displays complete arbitrage details in a simple and easy to use interface. You can see all necessary information to place the bets in one window: arbitrage profit percentage, teams or players involved, betting market, odds and bookmakers involved in the trade. When you are ready to place arbitrage bet, you simply click on the arb row and RebelBetting will open betting window, automatically log you in your bookmaker accounts, find the correct sports match and even highlight the odds. The only thing you have to do is to check the information and place the bets. This special feature really makes RebelBetting stand out of the competition in terms of usability and automation.

RebelBetting features

As mentioned above, because of great usability RebelBetting arbitrage betting software is currently among the best alert services. But the usability doesn't rely only on intuitive, easy to use interface. There are many extra features that can help you control almost every aspect of your trading process. To begin with, you can use a number of arbitrage filters like: minimum and maximum profit filter (for arbs and middles), reliability filter, arb time and arb duration filter, rules compatibility filter, online bookmaker filter, sports and betting market filter. The reliability filter counts in several factors like how high is the arbitrage percentage, when does the last bet date expire and how well player names match each other at different bookmakers, to determine the reliability of an arbitrage situation. Arbitrage time filter can hide opportunities that will start in more than a set number of days which is useful if you want to use your capital efficiently. Arbitrage duration filter can remove all surebets that are available over certain number of minutes. The second interesting feature that help you while arbing are audible alarms. The sound alarms or alerts can be customized so you can receive different alerts for arbitrages with different profit. Last important feature is arbitrage calculator that is always seen for the program interface and can be easily used to round the individual bets. The calculator can also count in the betting exchange's commission so your profit remains constant. Currency conversion is built in and uses conversion rates from the European Central Bank. This is useful when you have an account with a bookmaker that doesn't accept your chosen currency.

Special Rebel Betting features

Autologin and autosurf features enable you to place bets in less than a minute since most of the arbitrage process can be automated. When you click on the arb you want to place, betting window opens and automatically logs you in the bookie accounts. RebelBetting doesn't only log you into accounts at bookmakers involved in the surebet, but also brings you to the correct pages containing the event and highlights the participants and the odds. This means that the only thing left for you to do is to enter the stake amounts and confirm the bets. Every arber knows that a lot of arbs last only a couple of minutes and quickly expire. Using autologin and autosurf features, you will be able to place bets you used to miss. In addition, you will be able to make greater trading volume in same trading time.

Covered bookmakers and sports

Rebel Betting currently covers over 70 online bookmakers and betting exchanges. The following sports markets are supported: tennis, football, basketball, baseball, American football, ice hockey, rugby union, rugby league and Aussie rules.

Free trial

Seven day full service trial is available for €39. You can also get free access to arbs with profit under 0.6% at any time. As for any other arbitrage betting software, we recommend you to take the free trial before you buy monthly subscription. Offered 7 day full service trial for €39 is a great opportunity to test all program's features and get valuable personal experience about the software and service quality.

RebelBetting advantages

The strongest points of Rebelbetting software are automation and usability. Autologin and autosurf features automate most of the arbing process. For people who already use arbitrage software, the step from finding sports events at bookmakers' websites, verifying the odds and placing bets can be frustrating and boring. Now with RebelBetting software you are able to place more arbitrages and concentrate on finding the best opportunities. Also it is obvious that the programmers had usability in mind while developing the software. The interface is easy to use and all important features are displayed in the same window.

Rebelbetting disadvantages

Full service trial costs €39 for a week of use which is a bit steep for a trial. Autosurf and autologin can sometimes be unreliable due to updates on bookmakers' websites. Usually, these problems get fixed pretty quickly.

The RebelBetting software is recommended to everyone who wants to make arbing simple and easy. Although they are relatively new players on the arbitrage market, Rebelbetting team managed to develop excellent program that can make arbing simple even for complete beginners. Thanks to their always helpful customer service and fast development team, which releases new software versions almost on a weekly basis, they managed to build great reputation. For some the monthly subscription of €129 might seem too much, but we believe that all features this software has justify the price.

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