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How To Open Online Betting Account?

Opening a betting account at online bookmakers is easy, quick and safe. Here you will find step by step instructions how to open your first online betting account.

Find the bookmaker for you - Step 1

First you have to find the best bookmaker for your requirements. You may want to find sportsbooks with certain deposit and withdrawal method or sportsbooks with higher maximum bet. Important requirements that you should check are given on the online bookmakers page. On that page you can also find reputable bookmakers and their reviews. You can compare different bookmakers features at compare bookmakers page.

If you have found more bookies with satisfying features, then open accounts at all of them. Opening accounts at more bookies won't cost you anything and will give you the possibility to get the best odds for an event you want to bet on. But if you are new to sports betting and want to open only one betting account, then you should check more sportsbooks and pick the one that has the website with the easiest navigation and live chat that will help you instantly in any situation.

Open an online betting account - Step 2

After you have found the best online sportsbooks that satisfy your requirements, you can proceed to the sportsbook's page and open an account. On the sportsbook's page you will find a link to the "sign up" or "join" or "register" page where new accounts are opened. On the sign up page you will get a form that is similar to those when you are buying something online. After you give them your information, create username and password, and read terms and conditions, you will get further information that will instruct you how to activate your sportsbook account.

Make a deposit to your online bookmaker's account - Step 3

Although the most online bookmakers let you create a sports betting account without making a deposit, with some you will have to make a deposit to open an account. Also if you want to collect a sign up bonus, you will have to make a deposit, usually in a certain time period after you have created your account. Every online sportsbook has its own terms and conditions for bonuses, so called free bets, so make sure to read them. Once you have created your betting account you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals, check your account balance and see your betting history in "My account" section.

Place your bets online - Step 4

After you have money in your bookmaker account you will be able to place bets up to the amount you have on your sports betting account or the bookies maximum bet. You can find the minimum and maximum bet in your bookies terms and conditions or in our reviews.

Placing bets online is very intuitive. You simply select the event and the team you want to bet on and enter your bet amount. Then you will go to a confirmation page that will allow you to place or cancel the bet.

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