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Arbitrage Trading Capital

The amount of capital you need to start your arbitrage trading project primarily depends on your interest in sports arbitrage. If you are interested in part time trading you will need smaller start capital, while if you are planning to become full time trader you will need larger capital. Since this website is intended as guide for beginners who will mostly be interested in part time arbitrage betting, we will focus on start capital needed for part time trading and expected profits with that capital. Although the general rule is: the more capital you have, the greater number of arbitrage bets you will be able to place, this doesn't mean your profit percentage will be higher if you have larger capital. It is actually completely opposite. We will divide necessary trading capital into three categories: minimum start capital, optimum capital for part time trading and capital needed to turn arbitrage trading into a full time job.

Minimum start capital around $2,500

This is the perfect amount of capital necessary to start your arbitrage betting project since you will be able to take full advantage of bookmakers' free bet and deposit bonuses. By doing so, you can make around 50% profit of your start capital per month. Since there is so many online bookmakers who offer bonuses, you will be able to scalp bonuses for a couple of months and make large profit percentage or significantly increase your start capital. If you have long term interest in arbitrage betting, we suggest you do not withdraw your initial profits because long term profits from $2,500 bankroll are around $500 per month. You should rather use high initial profits to increase your capital to optimum level.

Optimum capital for part time trading between $10,000 and $20,000

If you plan to separate up to an hour a day and be a part time arbitrage trader, capital between $10k and $20k will be optimum. With this capital you can expect monthly profits between 10% and 20% of your bankroll. In addition, at this level of capital you won't have trouble in keeping track of your bets and account balances so you will be able to use your capital efficiently and maintain consistent profits. To achieve this you should limit yourself to smaller number of online bookmakers.

Capital for full time trading above $25,000

With this amount of capital you can decide for work from home career as an arbitrage trader. As a full time trader you can make monthly profits between 10% and 15% of your trading capital. Full time doesn't mean trading 8 hours a day, probably it will be 3 to 5 hours each day, but it refers to turning sports arbitrage into the greatest or sole source of income. Although the majority of you won't consider arbitrage trading as a career, you should know that if it becomes your sole source of income it will probably be fully taxable.

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